The Hunt

A Tribute to the Life of Dr. Rudy Echeverria Sr.

 At Woodlawn Nature Center

September 28th to October 20th

Rudy Echeverria Bear

Family and Friends of Dr. Rodolfo (Rudy) Echeverria describe him as "the most interesting man in the world." There is one main difference between Dr. Echeverria and the suave and debonair Dos Equis gentleman who coined that phrase; the stories about Dr. Echeverria are real. 

Dr. Echeverria was, among so many other things, a big game hunter.

Specimens acquired during some of his hunting trips across North America will be displayed at Woodlawn Nature Center in September.  These include a musk ox, mountain goat, mountain lion, elk and caribou.

Thanks to the Echeverria family, we are able to experience what these animals look like up close and personal.  

Appreciating and honoring these animals and their story is a key feature of this exhibition.  However there are four other themes related to the specimens that are highlighted.

We will take time to honor the man who hunted these animals; this "most interesting man in the world." He is a person who became very intimately connected to nature at a very early age. 

One story told about him claims that as a young child growing up, he would go out into the jungle and live off the land hunting small birds. (This, you can imagine, would drive his mom crazy with worry.) 

There are countless stories about Dr. Rudy Echeverria shared among family and friends.  There is also a rich legacy left by this man of vision, leadership and passion. 

A small part of that legacy is remembered by Chuck Pletcher, one of his hunting companions, when he wrote “He enjoyed nature and took his hunting seriously.” 

Dr. Echeverria exemplifies the avid outdoorsmen. This leads into another theme: the role of the hunter in the history of mankind.  

We explore the cultural and technological changes that have defined hunting, the hunt and the hunter through the ages: from the cave paintings at Lascaux to the pages of Field and Stream magazine;  from flint arrowheads to laser equipped firearms; from life and death survival to a luxury past-time.

The third theme focuses on concerns such as hunting animals to extinction and poaching. We will listen to the tender and sensitive voices that call for greater compassion and deeper awareness of the life-forms that we share this planet with.

Finally we explore the broader relationships between predator and prey.

Life depends on the energy of the sun that is harvested by the plants and distributed through grazers to carnivores. 

The balance between predator and prey populations seem carefully synchronized with each season. This is just one example of the sensitive and fine tuned connections within nature. 

The Echeverria family acknowledges this to be the handiwork of an awesome Creator:  

 . . for by Him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in the earth, all things were created by Him and for Him: And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist.
Colossians 1:16-17

It is our deepest desire that this exhibition provides a thoughtful and balanced view of hunting, the hunt and the hunter. 

We thank the Echeverria family for their part in making it happen.

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